Have you ever had a great evening with someone and the next day to observe a stain irritating, shameful, red, known as a love bite or Hickey? Even if you did get it, there is so much fun to get rid of him. But you ‘re lucky, because there are some simple methods that can help you in this task.
And it amused romantic couple
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Things that you need
Tea bag
Hot water
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How to get rid of a Hickey, how to get rid of Hickey using a spoon
Step 1:
Consider the possibility of combining various remedies to remove the love bite. Different articles say different things, such as using a tube of lipstick to relax blood vessels, freezing a spoon and twisting it about the hickey and using a tea bag to help area. All these alone take a long time to remove a love bite. Doing these in the appropriate sequence will help you get rid of your love bite almost as fast as you understand and will help you have the courage to face with mom, dad and the rest of the world. Before you even touch the Hickey, the first thing you need to do is take the spoon and put it in the freezer.
Tea bag
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Step 2:
Gently rub the area love bite with your finger and try to relax the blood vessels. You need to do this because the blood vessels constrict during the formation of a hickey. It ‘s nice when you are getting, but once you start rubbing will discover that will become a little irritated. Once the blood vessels begin to loosen, the area will start to turn pink.
Woman touching the neck
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Step 3:
Take your lip balm and release it so that the lid is facing his love bite. Press the lid of the lipstick to the hickey and begin to rotate clockwise. Do it five times and then switch directions. Each torsion must be progressively more difficult. The area will be more pink and you should see less or a hickey and more of a place that looks like you were scratching.
Woman holding the lipstick on the mirror.
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Step 4:
Go to your freezer and take the spoon. Put the spoon, with the side of the rooster down on the hickey and rotate clockwise, around five times. After that, turn in the opposite direction. Again, becoming progressively more difficult. Put the spoon in the freezer.
Woman looking in the fridge
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Step 5:
Try the method of tea bag to remove the love bite. Boil water or put a glass of water in the microwave until it begins to boil. Put the tea bag on it as if you were going to make a cup of tea. Just let the tea bag in water for about two minutes and remove it. Place it on the hickey for about three minutes, or until it begins to cool down. In addition, you can drink a cup of tea left, but do not forget to re – use the tea bag, after you use it in their efforts to remove a hickey.
Pour hot water on the tea bag
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Step 6:
Now that you have done all the things necessary to remove a Hickey, you just have to wait until he ‘s gone. By this time the hickey should be lighter than before, but can not be completely missing. Re using the technique of harvesting frozen time throughout the day is effective. If you must go out, use the technique of lip balm when nobody is looking. The next day, if not the end of the day, the love bite should have gone and nobody will ever know it was there.

In the majority of interactions with other people, this # 8217; better educated, open, positive. We # 8217; re taught to treat others, says John tvede columnist for Glamour magazine, but when it comes to define the limit between the honest and clear, is the most important. Straight talk a little uncomfortable, but # 8217; unrequited love for a long time is always better than the mixed signals and the relationship of discomfort. Others how you want to look at her eyes, but she is not a friend, she is a new friends, old friends and girlfriend.

How to Tell Someone You Just Want to Be Friends
If you only see if you meet new people, and he asks you out on a date, but you # 8217; no matter, the best # decreased 8217. Ott, Wade said # 8217; you must be a clear goal in front of the important. The date of decline politely, but firmly. To say it and # 8220; thanks, but no, I # 8217; I ‘m not interested and # 8221; let him know immediately, your relationship is not romantic. If you would like to meet you as a friend and tell him clearly, please him with a group of people and # 8220 do sth; as a friend. And # 8221;
If you have friends / P > < p if you have a friend who began to appear in his romantic interest, and not # 8217; t share a romantic interest and that # 8217; re evaluation of their behavior with her once. You have imperceptibly flirt? You can spend all his time with her? You ‘ve been touch and physical limits. Platon these signs the friendship for the movement of health of the territory romantic writer Joan said Moran. Maintain the relationship with his friend, a style of Platon, stop flirting. Tell me honestly, you don ‘t # 8217; it is not a romantic feeling, but I value your friendship, I continue to be friends.
If you break if you # 8217; it has been sometimes and you feel # 8217; all are good friends, acquaintances, with its strategy. Tell him clearly, you # 8217; there is not good, but if you want to be a friend and invited him to do something with a group. If you # 8217; and then the end of a long, prepare a long transition. Tell him that a romantic relationship doesn ‘t work for you, but you value him as a person, I hope you can be friends forever. Then, give her some time, advised the Huffington Post publisher Britain Wang. You can # 8217; immediately after the transition of T of romantic love and friendship; you have to resolve their feelings first. After at least two months in the case of Platon, try to wait a bit.
Keep the relationship Platon <
The Journal of social and personal relationships, there are six main reasons for choosing to leave Mr: you can not attract people.

You work hard, preparing your body to vacation, doing sit up and then sit down to prepare that bikini body, only to find out that you ‘re swollen, once you arrived at the beach. Uncomfortable and unpleasant bloating is a common complaint among travellers. The diet of fast food is generally required when heavy travel does not help your stomach to stay flat. Knowing what makes the swelling and to take measures to prevent him can help you to enjoy your holiday without this complaint embarrassing.
You will need the items
Probiotics, medicine anti gas or digestive enzymes
Step 1.
Drink plenty of water. Many times, when traveling, especially in areas where the water is safe to drink, drink only the minimum, but it makes your body retain fluids and become swollen. Avoid sports drinks and drinks and opt for the water whenever possible. To find out the precise amount, divide your weight in pounds by half and to drink so many ounces of water, add at least two glasses before and after the exercise.
Step 2
Concentrate on your diet to prevent swelling caused by gas. Mayoclinic.com indicates that fatty food in your diet can delay the emptying of the stomach and causes swelling and travellers, eating in restaurants, often consume more fatty food than it normally would be. In addition, many carbohydrates, like broccoli, cabbage, soft drinks and beans, can lead to the accumulation of gas in the intestinal tract.
Step 3
Avoid foods high in salt, which are common in fast food restaurants. Too much salt can cause fluid retention. Instead of fries with your hamburger, salad or choose a yogurt.
Step 4
Add as many fresh foods and raw travelling to their diet as possible. The fiber in these foods will help you release your digestive tract and prevent swelling. Be cautious with some raw vegetables to produce gas.
Step 5
Digestive aid package to the counter, as probiotics, digestive enzymes and lactase supplements, which can help to prevent swelling and fight it if it occurs.

I recently bought this for my husband’s birthday (along with a cooler) and I had my doubts about how much of a portable ice machine. This terminal of lil cranks it out! One day I had enough to fill the bottom shelf of my freezer high. (about 1 big 10 \ 15 lb bag with two buckets of storing clear (sorry I don ‘t know the size). The bag is enough to fill half of the refrigerator I bought for him (http: / / www.amazon.com / GP / product / b004pchhve / ref = Oh _ details _ O08 _ S00 _ 00I? Ie = utf8 &amp; PSC = 1), which is a very big cooler (holds 72 cans). You have to keep an eye on it if you want to store ice for later use, empty ice every 10 minutes (about 9 cubes) and fills the tray 1 hour (almost point), however, the ice will melt if not removed when the tray is full (the machine stop ice making until the tray is emptied). I just put it in the freezer container storage &amp; keep it running to be supplied. The water reservoir holds about 8 cups and lasts a long time, about 6 hours, I think, with the machine running constantly. The ice is thick and it melts quickly. (store bought). The two sizes, small and large, are the same cube of size, but the big is thicker. The ice will clump when stored but no problem to use a butter knife &amp; cut away at it. The ice is good (I use filtered water). He is the size of a machine for bread &amp; does not occupy much space. OH &amp; is quiet, except when the ice pour.
This, too, so this will be a great small unit to carry with us, as he is always making trips to the storage of camp to more ice. Great for entertaining too. Have a constant supply of ice. On a side note, my husband and my son of 18 years of age were fascinated by watching the ice shelf and the little thing coming back to get him &amp; to throw her out… Haha… There is not much to do in Ohio, I think.

The appearance of the ct5cc of cooltec Braun is slightly misleading. At first glance, like a change in any one of a dozen of other models. But this shaver Braun until the end, innovative, durable and highly functional.
The cooltec ct5cc is, in fact, like many other Braun shavers, especially a series 3. With him and the rest of the cooltec line, the company again shows why remains in the top layer. He does everything you came, waiting for them, and also adds something new.
This new feature is clearly shown by the name, but we can postpone it for a few minutes in detail which is cooltec. After all, if the basic does not work well, this appeal to new and interesting is not worth very much.
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The court system of 3 stages
The heart of any electric shaver is the court system. This is where the action is, so to speak. In this case, this action is carried out by a cutting system with triple action components, which move independently.
The result is a better ability to embrace the facial contours. This is a great advantage for a guy like me. I am in a somewhat unusual mixture of acute angles and round corners. Anyone with a face more medium, the results will be even better.
That hug close outline is achieved in two ways. The two sections of the blade / leaf floating. And there is a wave of interest, as a leaf cutter in the center.
It was designed to help lift the hair smooth, lying, and moves forward and backward 130 times per second. To work well, however, that the system should be applied to the blades.
Fortunately, as with many other models in the collections of Braun, the houses of ct5cc steel super sharp, highly durable. The cutting capacity is enhanced by something that your marketing department decided to call sensoblade.
Granted, it ‘s a cliche, but he actually does something pure in this case: account for the growth patterns of the real world of whiskers. The majority of men has the hair from the neck to one side, the face of new hair, and often some that go in all directions, in any area. This feature allows the ct5cc for him no matter how the hair grows. Fresh.
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Cooltec Technology
Now, for the play of resistance, as the French say – the most notable characteristic: cooltec. It is true, it is more a marketing buzzword, but, like the other, he really has a function. In fact, it cools the skin like a shaving head runs through it.
That sounds like a hype marketing if I heard it, but, surprisingly, he really works as advertised.
A strip of aluminum integrated cooling the cutting head (on the side of the center of the sideboard) and called thermo electric refrigeration technology (an acronym which means “Tec” in cooltec) work together to draw heat away from the skin during shaving.
The idea is very simple in the background. It has been used in all types of applications for decades. Take a piece of heat conductive metal and use it as a “bridge” for the transport of heat from a place where you don ‘t want another where it doesn’ t matter. The heat sink under the processor in your computer works a bit like that.
Complex science, the use of the real world shows that he does the job well. Thermal imaging techniques can demonstrate visually as well, but they are not necessary. I feel your skin after. Irritation is reduced, the lack of a burning sensation is common and is generally a more pleasant shaving experience. Thank you, Braun.
However, there is a potential disadvantage to this technology. The ct5cc, like any other cooltec electric shaver is designed to be used dry. No cream, no cream, without water. Of course, you can use it in the shower. It ‘s something totally sealed &amp; shaver wet dry, in this sense. And work with AIDS of electric shaver. But to obtain the best results, Braun suggests that precedes them, and I agree.
The head can bear certainly be rinsed. The cleaning system, we can get a minute, clearly to do that or you can just use the tap water. But the beard itself must be made without any assistance.
Personally, that is not how to use my electric and it may not be your style to shave, too. If you are looking for skin irritation is reduced, and who is not? This could be the way to go. But if you ‘re a shaver wet made you may want to think twice.

If you are a fan of onion ring like me, are you familiar with several different styles — there is the thick type to Milan (thank you), assaulted the rings of various thicknesses and, finally, the variety of ultra thin sprinkled with flour and fried. While I like the onion rings assaulted when well done, my favorite is the last type, similar to what some call “the sequences of onions.” The trick is to make it crispy enough time; quickly can get soggy. Rice flour is the answer – - these rings to be crunchy in the oven while you finish cooking the last half. Choose sweet or storage of onions for this recipe (for the difference, read about the types of onion here); the immersion will calm the onion storage stronger if that ‘s what you have.
1 onion, white or yellow big
1 egg.
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 – 2 cups of milk.
3 / 4 cup of wheat flour
3 / 4 cup of flour and white rice
1 / 2 teaspoon baking soda
Fine salt
Vegetable, peanut oil or canola oil for frying (about 4 cups)
Income: 2 servings
1. Heat the oil in a pan bottom heavy for 375f. Do you want to a depth of at least three inches with 3 inches of space above the oil (he foam until a bit). When you are ready to fry, regulates the temperature of the oven at 170 to 200F (or call the warming drawer if you have one). Take a pan with a rack and have it ready.
2. Meanwhile, cut a little bit end of the stem and root of onion and carefully peel it. Cut in slices 1 / 6 and 1 / 4 inch thick and separate the slices, slices. (remove the rings of the center two or three and save them for another use, because I think they are not clear). This is easy to do, evenly, if you have a mandoline or V slicer, but you can also do it with a large knife sharp. It is not the end of the world to break their rings; call them just sequences of onion. Put the onion rings in a shallow bowl.
3. Whisk the egg, yogurt and milk together well and pour over the onions. If they are not covered, add more milk to cover. Put aside. (if you are using a sweet onions, you can proceed with the next steps right now. If you use an onion storage, let the onion rings bundle at least 20 minutes.)
4. Mix the flour and baking powder and two pour in a heavy plastic or paper bag.
5. About half of the onions remove the milk mixture, allowing the majority of the mixture, drain and put in a sack of flour. Close the bag and shake until the onion rings are evenly coated with the flour.
6. When the oil is hot, remove the onion rings of flour with tweezers and add the oil. (do not press the onions – you’ll probably need to do two or even three batches). Stir gently to make sure that the rings do not stick together. Cook until golden brown to deep brown and crisp, about 3 minutes. Remove the basket and put the pan into the hot oven.
7. Let the temperature of the oil back at least 365f. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the remaining onions. When you put the onion rings on the rack, try not to stack them – they will be more clear, if they are in a single layer. When all the onions are fried, sprinkle generously with salt and serve immediately.
I called my sauce with onion rings, but if you like, you can serve them with this creamy herb sauce of garlic.
Mix a little baking soda with the flour makes brown the onion rings more quickly.
If you prefer the rings beaten, you can use the recipe of mass of the fish tacos. Just throw the rings in the rice flour, dip in the mass and fry until crispy.

Formal lawns covered with short grass and tended to first appeared in France around 1700, and it soon spread to England and the rest of the world. Lawns were first kept clean and neat for animals graze on the grass, or sickle, sickle, or scissors were used to hand cut the grass of grass.
The first patent for a mechanical cutter, described as a “machine for mowing, etc.” it was granted on 31 August 1830 to engineer, Edwin beard budding (1795 – 1846), Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.
Design of the budding was based on a cutting tool used for cutting uniform mat. It was riding coil type had a series of blades arranged around a cylinder. John ferrabee owner of casting of Phoenix in thrupp mill, Stroud, produced first the lawn mowers of budding. The first cutter is not protected by a patent was probably built by the Scots Alexander shanks in 1841 – 27 inch pony drawn reel mower.
The first patent for the United States to a scythe lawn of the reel was granted the Amariah hills on January 12, 1868. The first lawn mowers, often are designed to be horse drawn, the horses often wore leather boots size large to avoid damage of lawn. In 1870, Elwood McGuire of Richmond, Indiana designed a human very popular pushed the scythe of the lawn, not the first human being pushed out, however, the design of the McGuire was very light and commercial success.
Lawn mowers, the steam appeared in the 1890s. In 1902 ransomes produced the first cutter commercially available powered by an internal combustion engine of gasoline. In the United States, gasoline powered lawn mowers were first manufactured in 1919 by Colonel Edwin George.
On 9 may 1899, John Albert burr patented a rotary cutter blade is improved.
Lawn sprinklers
Joseph Smith patented rotor rotary lawn on 4 may 1897.

Zojirushi EC – bd15ba is manufactured in a thermos bottle, stainless steel, with a beer different in a vase sitting on the coffee machine of machine of coffee drip irrigation filter hot plate. This results in a good drink coffee, although the machine itself, the lack of amenities such as water filters, filters and cause permanent settings of intensity.

Coffee pot, passage of the thermos bottle of beer in a step beyond the best coffee machines of thermos bottle hot looking to maintain proper temperature. Is making its way through the isolation of the basket, so that the temperature will not endanger the preparation process. This project can help you avoid burning smell, it can cause the glass jar from the heating plate.

In addition to this resource should be, thermos bottle also includes a resource of break of fermentation that allows you to have a cup of coffee while being cooked. Sometimes it is necessary, especially in the morning, when you do not want to wait.

As the best coffee machine number, which comes with a programmable clock, you can configure the device at any time you want to make your coffee. You can plan the night before the device and wake up every morning for a delicious coffee and hot. If you hold a banquet, you can set the clock there ready for full fresh pot of coffee, when guests are ready to take after dinner desserts to go.

The best filter coffee maker that drop, you can set the water filters or strength of coffee, it will be useful. You do not use a permanent filter or filter paper; this is to choose only between filter paper.

The coffee machine has an attractive design and minimalist. Thermos company offers service via phone and email, and you get a user manual with this device. You only have one year warranty, the coffee machine.


Blendtec designer series kitchen mixer can do it all. The stirrer has the right to a great deal of material mixed with any type of. It has a variety of settings, to help you create juice, soup, ice cream, crushed ice and more. In addition, the mixer has a flat, smooth motor base, so any leakage are simple cleaning.
The agitator includes commercial grade motor. Power of the motor to provide up to 1560 watts, making it one of the best mixer on the market. This device can be easily integrated into any type of material. It has the power to quickly integrate into the large amounts of food at one time, do you work in the kitchen must be faster, more easily.

Best Immersion Blenders
The characteristics of this kitchen mixer on motor precision machining of the socket connection. This means that you do not need to be replaced in this blender socket, as you might with similar products. This powerful blender noise level is low, and there is less vibration than you may find similar mixed products.
This kitchen mixer motor base is flat and sealed so if the oil spill occurs, you can simply erase device. You don’t have to clean between the buttons. It has a variety of colors, so you can be the best match your kitchen renovation.
There are several options on this device, can help you to create the perfect combination of food. You can choose from the batter, fans, smoothies, ice cream, the fruit juice and soup. These options are displayed in the icon on the device, to help you choose the perfect setting fast and without much thought.
If you are looking for a strong kitchen mixer, Blendtec Designer Series is hard to beat. It has 1560 watts of power, this is more than you would find in a typical kitchen mixer. The design has a smooth, the cleaning a breeze and on the device icon allows you to quickly select a processing option required. Overall, Blendtec Designer Series has everything you need and your kitchen is the perfect companion.

The KitchenAid Pro line khmc1857bsp offers the convenience of cooking and convection cooking sensor with the functionality of a combination of microwave and extractor. While the features are impressive, it is missing some of the basic features that are similar in the microwave range, and the ventilation system is weaker than many of the models that we reviewed.
Convection cooking capabilities give you the space and comfort of a second oven. Using fans to circulate hot air and microwave, this line uses the feature model for convection cooking and brown food as a sensor of microwave oven. This also has cooking options, which detect the humidity in your food and automatically adjust the cooking time so that you Don’t have to stop what you’re doing and check the temperature of the food. And if you’re not ready to eat immediately, the function of keeping warm, make sure your food is at the correct temperature when you are ready to eat.
The pre programmed auto cook and defrost cycles will also help eliminate the guesswork when you’re using this for microwave oven use sensors. These adjustments are not programmed, but with a good estimate of the time required for each opción.si you need more time for anything you’re cooking, add a minute button lets you increase the time go.
This built-in microwave is of standard size on its exterior, and the Interior has an average capacity of 1.8 meters cúbicos.si need extra space when you’re baking or roasting, the pro line has two racks to increase the amount of cooking space. If you cook a lot of food on a plate and heavy, you can turn off the Turntable do not turn or unnecessarily struggle under the weight.
With 1000 watts of power, this is the more microwave power is average, and has 10 levels of power adjustable. If your food is cooking at multiple levels for different occasions, you can program the microwave to automatically adjust settings while the food is cooking.
The ventilation system in the pro line khmc1857bsp is versatile and can move and smelly polluted air outside your home if your kitchen is available to the external ventilation. If not, this microwave oven is filter and recirculating the air in your kitchen. Ventilation is the flow of air in the lower side in compared with similar models, but has Four different speed settings so that you can adjust depending on the need. The ventilation also has lights to illuminate your stove while cooking, the lamp will light when the kitchen says your name in the middle of the night.
The design of this básico.es over microwave is quite a nice model, but there is nothing that stands in the middle of the estética.viene in three different colors: black, white and stainless steel – so that the majority of match kitchen color palettes. The keyboard is basic and easy to understand, and its buttons are flat to facilitate cleaning.
The manufacturer offers a good parts and labor warranty, covered by a rule of a year. The main component, the magnetron is covered by a total of five years website has contact information for customer service as well as the live chat, that can be a very useful resource.
KitchenAid Pro line Abstract: 7.7 / 10
The KitchenAid Pro line khmc1857bsp is basic in the microwave oven. It has less powerful ventilation systems that similar models, but to appreciate both the sensor and the convection cooking features that give you more options, and eliminate the guesswork out of cooking in the microwave.